Traveling to the Race Site/Location

Bar Harbor, Maine is a quaint and picturesque town on Mound Desert Island (MDI), but traveling 700 miles north of Washington, DC felt like traveling to the end of the world. I arrived to on Bar Harbor on Friday—early evening after having spent a day with friends in Portland, Maine. The bus trip to Bangor was about 4 hours and because of fall peak season, the foliage is quite vibrant up here. (I have enclosed a couple of pics). From Bangor, car service to Bar Harbor to cover the last 90 miles of the trip. The Maples Inn is a very nice B&B.

The friendly owners greet me with smiles. We have been friends for many years, but have never met. They recommended Acacia guesthouse in Vieques to many people up here, and I in turn, have recommended their establishment to Vieques visitors. Vieques and MDI share a great deal in common from an environmental stand point. Both are home to delicate and complex eco-systems. And a great portion of the both islands is protected: Most of MDI is National Park Land (Acadia National Park) while Vieques Wildlife Refuge—the largest of its kind in the Lesser Antilles, protects both fauna (many species) and flora in addition to our bio-bay, lagoons, beaches, inland and coastal areas. No moose sighting yet, but it is likely that I will see moose during the race in addition to other animals that make Acacia National Park their home.

I woke up early this morning and went to get my registration packet which includes my number (220) and the race shirt. I then walked to the starting line of the race on Main Street where the gun will go off exactly at 8am. I’m now fully familiar with the geography and my surroundings.

The weather will be perfect—in the 50’s. I will wear my running tights, a short sleeve running shirt and a light running jacket that I can take off later in the race. Last but not least, a running ski hat and sunglasses! I will get up at 4am to eat breakfast and prepare for the race, but as of 5pm all systems are a GO!!

A huge pasta dinner awaits for me at the local Italian restaurant. PREGO!!

Sleep well, wish me well and get ready to run with me in the morning!! I will let you know as soon as I can my finish time, but results will be available at



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