Data Collection in Puerto Mosquito

The past few weeks have been hectic! My friend Paige arrived, a microbiologist from Vancouver Island, BC! She is particularly interested in bioluminescence and industrial applications of biotechnology. She works for a great company called "Core Glow" that makes eco-friendly products that glow without electricity. The trust is a great place for her to volunteer because she accompanies us on our nighttime field work excursions to Puerto Mosquito, the bioluminescent bay. This past Thursday we went to the bay for field work! Even though it was practically a full moon, the dinoflagellates were visible. We took samples in two locations, the second one was at the USGS station situated in the middle of the bay! This station takes measurements every five minutes so that we have continuous data! This is the link to the data. In the field we took measurements of temperature, pH, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity on a data logger linked to a sonde. We will use websites like the USGS and NOAA to get data on tides, moon phase, water level and pollution. This week the trust is publishing a report on the biobay that includes data taken every week for the pst year, along with graphs and an analysis of the bay's current condition. In the past week, the science team and I have been working to compile all the data we have, find data we need from USGS and NOAA and then in the next few days we will be preforming statistical analysis of the data and creating graphs. The biobay report will be released soon!

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