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The Restoration of

Puerto Mosquito

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Logo-Proyecto Mangle-01.jpg

The mangrove stands at the mouth, the inner north peninsula and the western end of Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay.  The brunt of the storm surge during Hurricane Maria caused almost total mortality of the mangroves that give the mouth of the bay its characteristic meandering shape and, in turn, protect the Pyrodinium bahamense bloom from washing out into the sea.

Drs. Elvira Cuevas and Ernesto Medina, scientists who conducted the post-storm assessment of the mangrove forest in Puerto Mosquito and its potential for recovery, recommended reforestation begin as soon as possible in the areas of total mangrove mortality.  Since it can take 15 – 30 years to recuperate naturally, the crisis gave birth to a solution --  a specialized solar mangrove nursery, located at the Escuela Barbosa. This nature-based solution for reforestation of the Puerto Mosquito forest began with plants grown in this facility.