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Inside the Trust

Mon- Fri 8am- 4pm

Free Admission. Support our work by signing up to become a member or by making a donation


Marine Life Exhibit


Bio Bay Exhibit




Gift Shop

Visit our main facility on the Malecon in Esperanza

Marine Life Exhibit
The World's Smallest Aquarium

One of the main attractions for visitors to our facilities, this exhibit is an educational display to teach children and adults about the beauty, importance, and fragility of marine life in Vieques. The marine creatures that are exhibited in the aquarium, are collected in the local waters and remain with us for a short time before being returned to their habitat with the participation of young volunteers.

Lionfish _ Pez Leon
Biobay Exhibit
The Dr. Barbara B. Baker Biobay Room 
Exploring Bioluminesence

Here science and magic merge! To understand more about the bioluminescent magic of the BioBay, visit the BioBay Room. A single cell organism called Pyrodinium bahamense (whirling fire of the Bahamas), a luminescent dinoflagellate, when disturbed, glows. Here you can see close up what a dinoflagellate looks like- and much more!

Art & Archeology
A Pre-Columbian Collection

The VCHT hosts changing exhibitions of art and visual material to complement the larger mission of the VCHT to “foster, protect and conserve the environmental, archaeological and cultural resources of Vieques.”


Art in the changing exhibitions is listed on consignment at the VCHT Gift Shop. Sales of these items are managed through the Gift Shop.


The VCHT houses a pre-Columbian collection from the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico and artifacts of several recent periods in the history of Vieques that were donated to us by members of the VCHT and residents of Vieques.


The collection also features specimens of natural history. It is here that you can learn about our logo, a jade amulet found at the archaeological dig in La Hueca on Vieques, and the cultures stretching from the 4000 year-old man site to the Huecoid and Taino eras (600 BC-1492 AD).

Gift Shop

You can support the Trust and its programs by visiting our Gift Shop! We have a large selection of books, t shirts, jewelry and more

Open Lab Program
The Elizabeth C. Langhorne Laboratory

Tuesdays 2pm-3pm

We conduct scientific research supporting the conservation of the bioluminescent bays of Vieques.  The Lab hosts the Open Lab program where students and guides can learn about the research process in the bioluminescent bay and the world of plankton under the microscope.

Open Lab Day for visitors takes place on Tuesdays 2pm-3pm by appointment. We welcome you to join us for a unique experience and see with your own eyes the dinoflagellate Pyrodimum bahamense and other micro-organisms that create the wonder that is our Bioluminescence Bay, Puerto Mosquito

We Are A
Resiliency Hub

The lessons learned from Hurricane Maria, the Trust is equipped to provide photovoltaic energy, emergency radio communications, drinking water, wifi and computer after natural disasters.

Thanks to the generosity of our partners Para La Naturaleza, Hispanic Federation, and Resilient Power Puerto Rico and the Rocky Mountain Institute. 


Bill and Marian Littleford Pavilion

We have a common area that is used for classes, community meetings, workshops, and presentations.

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