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Our Scholarship Program is 100% donor-funded and has been assisting deserving Vieques students with their higher education expenses since 2005.


 Since its creation, The VCHT has granted competitive scholarships to nearly sixty Vieques students, just over half of whom have graduated with college degrees. They study such diverse subjects as microbiology, molecular sciences, music, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, education, nursing, veterinary medicine, law and journalism, among others. We currently have fifteen scholarship students that we are actively funding.


To maintain the scholarship, students must keep a GPA of 2.5 or better and carry a full time course load of 12 or more credits per semester.

Many thanks to our donors who made it possible to award the following scholarships in 2020

Yihanna Paola Meléndez Alejandro -CDC scholarship – For studies related to health/medicine 

Biology- UPR Rio Piedras


Ian J. Feliciano González - MANTA (Movimiento en Apoyo a Nuestros Tesoros Ambientales)

Marine Biology - UPR Humacao


Jamal Emanuel Albizu Pagán - VCHT Condor Scholarship

Exercise Science and Health Promotion - Sagrado Corazón

Gibrán A. Caraballo Bermúdez - Vieques Educational Empowerment Scholarship 

Accounting– UPR Humacao

Katherine Martínez Medina - Vieques Educational Empowerment Scholarship 

Social Sciences (Social Work) - UPR Rio Piedras 


Guarionex N. Torres Danois - Vieques Educational Empowerment Scholarship

Biomedical Sciences - PontificiaUniversidad Católica 


Yeraima Félix Medina - Vieques Educational Empowerment Scholarship 

Applied Physics: Electronics - UPR Humacao 


Adriana P. Acevedo Félix - Vieques Educational Empowerment Scholarship 

Architecture/Environmental Design - UPR Rio Piedras 

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