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Bird Notes from the Summer Season June and July 2023

Despite the first excessive heat advisories for Puerto Rico where the heat index reached 110 ℉ on Vieques, bird records were set for seasonal high counts or new locations for various species.

Least Grebe Vieques, Puerto Rico Photo by Erick Bermúdez

Daphne Gemmill, Erick Bermúdez, Cesar Montero, Mike Barandiaran, and Gustavo Meléndez braved the heat and were rewarded for their efforts with the following sightings.

• 8 Least Grebes on the fresh water pond off Rt 997 at Km 4.7 for the highest number for this species on the island.

• 8 White-tailed Tropicbirds off the cliffs at Puerto Ferro for a record summer high count.

• 2 Turkey Vultures at Monte Pirata, a first for this location.

• 27 American Coots on Laguna Algodones for a record high count for this season.

• 165 Black-necked Stilts at Laguna Playa Grande for another record summer high number.

• 107 Laughing Gulls resting in the surf just off the Sun Bay beach for a record high count in any season.

• 6 tern species ( Least, Roseate, Royal, Sandwich, and Sooty Terns and Brown Noddy) for a record number of tern species for the island in a single season.


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