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Bird Walk at Malecon

The participants and leaders met again at the Malecon across from the VCHT at 7:30AM and had a wonderful morning.

At the Malecon, they saw Eurasian Collared-Dove and a House Sparrow.

Next, the group headed out just past the kiosk at Sun Bay, where they saw a Northern Mockingbird, a Pearly-Eyed Thrasher, another House Sparrow, 11 Cattle Egrets, a Gray Kingbird, and 8 Caribbean Martins sitting on the cell tower in the distance.

After birding around the entrance to Sun Bay, the group moved on to the end of Sun Bay Beach, where they saw 1 Bananaquit, 1 Loggerhead Kingbird, 2 brown Pelicans, 2 Magnificent frigatebirds, 1 Mangrove Cuckoo, 1 Zenaida Dove, 1 White-Winged Dove.

Later, the birders arrived at the entrance to the Lagoon past Sun Bay, but were unable to reach the site because of a horse blocking the path. Despite this set-back, they still managed to spot 16 Great Egrets.

Lastly, the group hiked through the shaded trail towards the small Fresh-Water Pond at the Eastern portion of Sun Bay. There, the birders contained their excitement and remained quiet as they marveled at the 2 Lesser Yellowlegs,1 Spotted Sandpiper, and 4 Black-necked Stilts.

Overall, it was a great day of birding, and many members of the group listened to Daphne Gemmill’s talk about the importance of the Lagoons afterwards.

The next Bird Walk will be on Saturday, 2/26/2022. Meet at the Malceon at 7:30AM, can’t wait to see you there!


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