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Birding With The Trust

December 21, 2021 Bird Walk

The walks are led by VCHT’s Birding Team: Dale and Priscilla Doucette, Mike and Marie Murphy, Jeff Mandoza, Chuck Sklar

The first bird walk of the season began as usual at 7:30 a.m. on the Malecon across from VCHT where we saw:

1 Royal Tern

3 Brown Pelicans

1 Belted Kingfisher

1 Grey Kingbird

Inside the gate entrance to Sun Bay:

4 White-winged Doves

1 Cattle Egret

1 Gray Kingbird

2 Northern Mockingbirds

16 House Sparrows

8 Greater Antillean Grackles

Traveling on the trail at the east end of Sun bay beach:

6 White-winged Doves

36 Black-necked Stilts

1 Cattle Egret

1 Belted Kingfisher

1 Caribbean Elaenia

1 Loggerheaded Kingbird

2 Pearly-eyed Thrashers

1 Northern Mockingbird

4 Greater Antillean Grackle

1 Yellow Warbler

1 Adelaide’s Warbler (heard only)

1 Bananaquit

Our next walk will be on January 4, 2020, and will begin on the Malecon across from the Trust. They walk are open to anyone. We ask that a donation of $20 be made to the Trust. Signup for the walks can be made on line on the Trust’s website, but not required. We practice Covid 19 precautions, and we will not carpool. All observations are reported on eBird.


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