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Birding With The Trust February 1 2022

As usual, birders and leaders met on the Malecon across from VCHT at 7:30. In our brief stay

there we saw 1 White-winged Dove on the wire, 1 Royal Tern on the rocks at the west end of

the beach, 2 Brown Pelicans and 5 Great Egrets flying near the island. 1 Gray King perched on

the top of the light pole.

The next stop, just inside the gate to Sun Bay, we observed a nice variety of birds, some on the

ground and some perched in the trees across the field. We had good viewings of

1 Scaly-napped Pigeon, and 1 Smooth-billed Ani. With the scope we were able to identify

1 Merlin perched at the top of a dead branch. Kingbirds were very cooperative. We had

sightings of 1 Gray Kingbird and 1 Loggerhead Kingbird. Once you see them together, you

understand the difference. Thanks to the scope, 6 Caribbean Martins with their dark upper and

white under parts were easily spotted resting at the top of the radio tower.

It was a banner day at the lagoon. We counted 41 White-cheeked Pintail ducks, some resting

and some dabbling, mixed with 26 Black-necked Stilts. 1 Great Blue Heron, 7 Great Egrets, and

12 Brown Pelicans were in deeper water. 4 Lesser Yellowlegs fed near the shore. Overhead 1

Osprey and 2 Magnificent Frigatebirds circled waiting for a meal. 1 Antillean Crested

Hummingbird whizzed by, 1 Yellow Warbler in the mangroves showed off its stripes, and 1

Bananaquit flitted around.

Our final destination was the small pond in the Reserve at the east end of Sun Bay. Trees shade

the path making the walk a pleasant relief from the sun. Because most shorebird numbers are

decreasing, conservation and protection of their habitats is essential. We are always careful

about disturbing them, and we cautioned everyone avoid frightening them. At the pond we

were happy to see 5 Black-necked Stilts and 4 Greater Yellowlegs. 1 Gray Kingbird gave us nice


As we walked back down the path, we heard Bananaquits calling and Adelaide’s Warblers


The next Trust bird walk will be February 22. Meet on the Malecon across from the Trust at


VCHT Bird Walk Leaders;

Dale and Priscilla Doucette

Mike and Marie Murphy

Chuck Sklar and Jeff Mendoza


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