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Bird-A-Thon Pledge Form

November 28, 2022

The MOTUS Tracking System is a powerful collaborative research network developed by Birds Canada. MOTUS uses automated radio telemetry arrays on towers to study the movements and behavior of flying animals (birds, bats, and insects) that are nano-tagged and tracked by Motus receivers.


At the moment the Caribbean has very few MOTUS towers, creating a void in the network. Vieques is an ideal location for one to three towers.

The 2022 Bird-A-Thon is based on the number of bird species observed by Daphne Gemmill in a 24 hour  period. The more birds she sights the more money is raised for the Tracking System!!

Donate a Fixed Amount

Terms & Conditions: The Trust does not sell or exchange personal information.  People who pledge will be notified of Daphne’s total sightings by December 1, 2022 and will receive a full report of her day along with a birding checklist in early December.  Unless a hurricane arrives, she will go out rain or shine or just move it to the next nice day.  All proceeds go to VCHT and are acknowledged for tax purposes.

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